Ways to Make the Most of Fall


As September comes to a close, you may find yourself asking “Where the heck has the summer, much less the month of September, gone?!”

We cannot deny it any longer; fall is fully upon us.

So how can you embrace this season and make the most of your crisp, cool, fall weekends before winter sneaks up on us?

Here’s a few suggestions of fall activities that are fun no matter what your age is. Find a location near you, mark your calendar, invite some friends to join you, and before you know it you’ll no longer be missing summer!

…A bit of a stretch? Okay, maybe.

Fun Fall Activities:

1. Find an orchard or apple tree farm near you and go apple pickin’, cidar drinkin’, and apple donut eatin’.

2. Research a popular local pumpkin patch that has local musicians, an animal petting farm, hay rides, food, and fall décor for sale. Stock up on your seasonal décor while supporting your local farmers!

3. Find an enormous corn maze to get lost in; this can often be found at a pumpkin patch similar to the kind listed above. They are sometimes open at night and have a haunted theme for those who like to be scared. Can’t say I’m one of them though..

4. Renaissance festival! If you’ve never been to one before, you should definitely try one out. Medieval characters, turkey legs, entertaining shows, adult beverages, tons of food, and jousting. What else could be better?
5. Host a fall party with some friends. Theme it after your favorite football team, or have a pumpkin carving competition, or have a costume party. Whatever floats your boat can make a fun excuse to get together on the weekend and celebrate the season with fun people.

6. Have a bonfire with hot dogs, chili, and smores … or encourage someone with a large backyard to host by promising to bring some food.

Do you have other fall activities or traditions that you usually participate in? Please do share!