Two Things I’ve Learned

Fun fact: hot peppers (such as habanero, jalapeno, and cayenne) have been found to speed up your metabolism and potentially aid in weight loss.
Who knew, right??
According to this article on, several different universities and organizations have researched and studied how other cultures, such as Japan, use hot peppers for purposes other than just adding flavor to food.
This is great news to me and my vast love for spicy peppers.
Especially since I am currently eating the last of my pico de gallo with these tasty multi-grain Tostitos chips.

(I should be getting paid for these advertisements.)
It’s just after 9pm and I don’t even care about that no late eating rule!
The monster living inside my stomach wanted a spicy snack, and that’s what he got. (Yes, I do believe this appetite would be a he).
Good thing Big Fisch is upstairs on the phone. I don’t intend to share. It’ll be gone before he’s back and he’ll never know.
Not so fun fact: I’ve realized lately that I seem to have a genuine desire to love and serve others when it’s convenient for me, but not so much when it’s not.
“My time”; different personalities; tiring situations… factors that make doing something for others inconvenient for myself seems to tap my subconscious on the shoulder and say “uh-uh, it’s not worth it. Put yourself first.”
I’m saddened that my heart can react so selfishly and so hard.
Over and over I have been given unending grace that covers my shortcomings and failures, and love that is so deep and wide that I can’t even fathom it, and yet I can be so stingy in what I give others. So unwilling to truly give of myself.
True love is not conditional. True love is not only extended when it is convenient.
Jesus saidA new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another. John 13:34-35
If I continue to live a life so focused on myself that I ignore the needs of others, I’ll be living as if what Christ did for me on the cross was pointless; as if I’ve paid no attention to the model He left for us.
Life is not about me. I am not here on earth for my own purposes and my own pleasures. I am not here to care only for myself and forget about other hurting, lost people.
I am a part of God’s story; one He has graciously brought me into. If my life is to truly bring glory to God, than I must start by truly loving others.
Even when it is inconvenient and uncomfortable to me.