Baby Carmen and her parents had a great day 2.
They’re all a bit sleepy with Carmen continuing to sleep all day, and mommy and daddy getting very little.
I guess that’s how it works, right?
Carmen seems to love sleeping all bundled up nice and warm with her arms across her chest. It’s hard to get a good look at her eyes and little body between all the sleep and blankets, but one thing I can tell: she looks like her mommy and is a doll.

I’m hoping to get a few more pictures of Carmen awake and up close tomorrow before I leave. We’ll see if she’s up for some smiles :).
On another note, I finally got some flour and gave that new recipe for banana bread a try. I knew my sister and brother in-law would appreciate a sweet treat to munch on during their hospital stay.
Overall, it turned out pretty tasty when I sampled a warm, fresh slice of the bread, but I would call it more of a cake than actual banana bread.

I only had 2 ripe bananas on hand and think it could have used 3 or 4 to make it taste more banana-y.
If you’re looking for a banana pound cake dessert, than this is it! But as for traditional banana bread, my mom’s family recipe is definitely better :).