Saturday Night Show Time


Big Fisch likes to play this game that he calls “The Question Game.”

It’s really quite simple; we each take turns thinking of a question to ask one another. Only it needs to be something new, creative, funny, or thought provoking.

Big Fisch is very serious and passionate about this game. And Tiny Fisch? Not so much.

It requires a lot of thinking and creativity, which I’m just not always up for… especially since we’ve played it probably 100 times and it gets harder and harder to think of good questions, especially when Big Fisch says “Okay you go first. Ask a really good one!”

Wow, talk about pressure.

One day Big Fisch asked who I would like to see in concert if I could see anyone, anywhere.

My answer went something like “hmm, probably Colbie Caillat and someone like, Jason Mraz? Because I love Colbie’s music and Jason would be incredible to watch perform”.

So weeks later when I got a text from Matt saying he passed a billboard advertising Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat in concert September 24th, guess who bought tickets??

We did!

And it was money well spent because is was one of the best, if not THE best, live performances we’ve ever experienced.

Jason Mraz, my friends, can sing.

So we grabbed some great friends…
and enjoyed the show.
They wouldn’t allow “professional” cameras in, so we resorted to my old digital camera which didn’t take the best pictures. But here you can kind of see Jason and Colbie singing Lucky. I was so excited when they began singing this – I loooved this song when Matt and I were dating long distance.

If you ever get the chance to see Jason Mraz live, I would definitely recommend it! He is one talented, hippie-like, little man.