You See It, Now You Don’t


Warning: this post has WOMAN and WIFE written all over it.

I apologize in advance.

But my experience with this product that I am about to discuss has been such a great one, that I just can’t keep it to myself.

How selfish would that be? Women unite!

Resolve Fabric Stain Remover has become my new best friend at home. Sorry, hunny.

It has been my life-saver in so many dark and threatening situations and has saved me money that would have been lost from replacing my soiled items.

I have used Resolve Fabric Stain Remover to remove stains from:

  • Red wine spilled across our living room carpet. (And no, I was not trying to replicate the commercials.)
  • Coffee spilled across my light colored table runner and green fabric placemats from Crate&Barrel.
  • Red wine spilled on Matt’s new light blue shorts.
  • Red wine spilled on our cream colored Pottery Barn pillow covers. (We don’t actually drink wine like its water. These events occurred over the past 13 months, thank you very much.)
  • Enchilada sauce all over my dressy jacket top.
  • Dried soil on my living room carpet.
  • Chocolate from shirts, pants, and skirts. (I swear, the evidence is always there.)
  • Muddy water stains trailing through the main level of our house from dragging our dying Christmas tree across the living room and out the front door. (I thought I would surprise Matt by doing it myself. Oops.)

Have I convienced you that it works yet? I see that they also sell a “multi fabric stain remover” in addition to the one I have, which I’ve already been using for…everything.

I know there are many products out there that probably work fantastically, but this is just one that has done miracles for me. The one stain it hasn’t removed well for me is oil.

Have you found a product or home remedy to remove oil and other stains? Please do share!

(This is not a paid advertisement, just my own personal opinion of this product).