Life with My Man


When Matt is away for a day or two, in our home you would find:

  • The ice cube trays are always refilled
  • The empty water glass from the night stand is brought down to the dishwater each morning
  • The bed is always neatly made
  • The bathroom rug stays dry
  • The couch pillows stay fluffy
  • The bathroom faucet stays clean of water drop stains
  • Dinners consist of much less meat, and much more pasta
  • Cheese is included in a meal whenever I feel like it
  • The only noises you hear are the fan running, the TV humming, and/or music playing
  • I can do whatever I feel like.

When Matt is home, you would find:

  • Half of the ice cube trays sitting empty on the counter
  • Half to none of the bed made because sleep is taken advantage of up to the very last minute possible
  • Clothes are lying on the floor and dresser tops of our room; we’re busy going from one thing to the next, and don’t always stop to pick it up
  • The couch pillows are squished and blankets are unfolded, because the space is lived in and used to read, lounge, nap
  • I can’t keep up with bathroom faucets. Cleaned one night, dirty in ten.
  • Protein is at least 60% of the meal.
  • Chicken. Beef. Peanut Butter. Chicken. Beef. Peanut Butter.
  • Not only will you hear music, TV, and the fan at night, you will hear loud, strange, and goofy sayings, phrases, and made up words cheerfully pouring out of Matt’s mouth. You will hear him walking through the house and occasionally stomping around in the kitchen as he dances until I notice and give him my full attention.
  • I factor in someone else when I choose what to do with my time.
  • And the house is very, very warm and cheerful.

All the order, cleanliness, straight lines, and self-managing would never be worth the absence of my best buddy. The quiet would never be as calming as feeling him wrap his strong arms around me as he tells a silly joke. All the pasta would never be worth not having a happy, grateful husband to cook for. I would much rather sacrifice a world of just what Heather wants, than to live without my Matthew.

The joy he brings is so worth whatever I have to give up:). I am thankful for him.