Georgetown: Food and Flare


Last weekend Big Fisch and I headed south to visit his family in honor of his sister, Kelly, for an early birthday celebration.

We spent Sunday in Washington, D.C. surprising Kelly with each destination, all themed FOOD.

Kelly is a chef-in-training and will be leaving us this winter to head off to culinary school. We will miss her dearly but couldn’t be more excited for her.

She loves food. We love food. And I can’t wait to copy all the fancy cooking techniques she will learn and live vicariously through her experience as a culinary student. –Kelly, can I dress up like you and attend all your pastry baking classes? Great, thanks.

We had a marvelous day and only got rained on once.

Our first stop was Claire and Don’s Beach shack for lunch in Falls Church, VA. We loved the beachy, crab shack theme of this resturant and their tasty menu that had a seafood and mexican flare. The prices were very reasonable; I would definitely recommend stopping here for a low key, casual meal.

I had their chicken burrito, Matt got their mahi mahi tacos, Kelly got their crab cake sandwich and I can’t remember what Michelle got…sorry for the dark picture! We all thought our meals were fantastic and enjoyed their homemade hush puppies as well.

Next we drove into Georgetown and hit up the colorful market at Dean and Deluca. (I wasn’t able to get a better image of the front of the store because the street was packed with people. But you can still see the name written on the door above Kelly’s head.)

I have always loved all the bright colors found at fresh markets. It just delights me to no end.

I regretted not buying one of these beauties all day long. ALL DAY. Cappuccino brownies? YUM. I’m still regretting it.

Next stop: DC Cupcakes!

They really are as good as they look. They’re probably the best cupcakes I’ve had from a speciality cupcake store. And that’s saying somethin’.

Thankfully we ordered ahead of time and didn’t have to wait in line. (See the line of people on the right?)

Oh hey, Michelle.

I’ll have one of each please.

After browsing some of the fancy shops along M Street, we made our way back to the covered outdoor cafe at Dean and Deluca for some coffee and shelter from the rain. And maybe to eat our cupcakes…

To finish off our day, we thought “hey, let’s get some more food.”

So we took Kelly to an amazing restaurant called Graffiatos. Cool fact: the chef, Mike Isabella, was the runner up on Top Chef All-Stars.

This was seriously some of the best food I’ve eaten. The entrees are severed in small portions, similar to a Tapas bar, and it is intended for each person to choose 3-4 different entrees. We ended up ordering 9 for the 4 of us, but it was just the amount we needed seeing as none of us were starving to begin with.

But the food was so good that I forgot to take a picture of the first 3 entrees..

Until it was all gone. But it was a plate of sugar snap peas with tomato pesto and goat cheese, roasted cauliflower with pecorino and mint, and a special salad similar to a caprese salad but with watermelon in addition to tomatoes. Also not pictured: roasted potato gnocchi with braised pork shank and burrata.

AMAZING. All their ingredients are fresh and purchased locally.

Chicken thighs in pepperoni sauce.

“Countryman Pizza”: black truffles, fontina, and duck egg.

Best pizza I’ve ever had and favorite dish of the night. We all agreed. Called “Jersey Shore”: fried calamari, tomato, provolone, cherry pepepr aioli.

We ended our meal with a peach gelato and a chocolate tart with sea salt gelato.

Unique but SO good. We’re on our way to becomming offical foodies ;).

I would give Graffiatos a 9.5 out of 10. You have to try it next time you’re in DC, and make sure you order the Jersey Shore pizza!

We had a great time seeing our sisters/sisters in law and visiting the nation’s capital for some fun and good food.

Happy early birthday Kelly!