It may be because I’m now a married woman. It may be because the state I live in has a poor selection of food markets. It may be because my road rage has increased. Or it may be because I’m just lazy.

Whatever the cause, I have lately become a one-stop-shop woman.

If you’d of asked me 2 years ago if this would ever be the case, I would have denied it 3 times like Peter. (—bad joke? Probably.)

When it comes to buying our week’s worth of groceries and needed household items, I just don’t have the time or the desire to run all over town on Sunday afternoon. (And I certainty ain’t doing it after a long day of work).

One of my favorite one-stop-shops? COSTCO. I am my father’s daughter.

I used to be embarrassed that my dad would find everything for our home in Costco. Rugs, electronics, tools, outdoor furniture, desks, a wide collection of frozen foods, his shirts and socks. Heck, even the piano I pounded away at for 9 years was purchased at Costco. How lame Dad. Where’s your sense of style? The only thing I liked was the jumbo Kosher hotdogs he’d buy me for $1.50 on the way out.

But oh how the tables have turned and now my dad gets the last laugh. Matt and I have come to LOVE Costco. Signing up for our membership has been by far our best marital decision yet. (Slight dramatization).

Seven pounds of chicken, done. Bagels for several weeks, done. Cheap, large containers of spices, done. Red wine, done. Paper towels and toilet paper for two months, done and done!

Guess where our patio furniture just came from …

Yep. The big C.

Matt and I actually get excited to go on a Costco run. Partly because Matt loves to look at their TVs and computers and I like to browse their new items of the month. (Confession: I purchased a pair of shoes there earlier this summer).

Really though, how can you beat the convenience of having so much of what you need all at one store for a good price when time is of the essence?

Sure, I’d love to one day have the luxury to shop around at Wegmen’s, Farmer’s Markets, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, and Target on a Tuesday morning to smell the fresh flowers and get the first pick of the organic veggies. But for now, I’m a working woman and my time is just too darn limited for that.

So it’s looking like I’ll remain a one-stop-shop woman for a while. What can I say? I guess I’ve gotten a bit more practical in my old age. (My mother probably has a smirk of satisfaction on her face right now).

Our plans for the weekend? Don’t have many set in stone right now, but I do know a run to Costco is on the agenda.