Moving out the Me’s


I have loved staying busy with summertime activities lately. The summer is just too beautiful of a time to not enjoy it! My favorite colors and style of clothing pop up everywhere and being out in the sun always makes my heart so light and cheery.

I think Matt and I also try to make up for the time outside that we lose while working, over the weekends by cramming in beach trips, hiking, bike rides, etc. I’m still getting used to this whole working throughout the entire year thing. Who came up with that?

Not cool.
I’ve been reminded that in the midst of my full agenda, I need to keep learning and growing and focusing my mind on what’s important.
I’ve been going through a Beth Moore Bible study on my own to keep me disciplined in studying the Word and to increase my knowledge of the Bible. (Beth Moore is incredible and so wise. She studies the Word like no one else I’ve known and it’s amazing to see how the Lord uses her).
God’s been speaking to me through this study about the power of his presence in our lives and how it changes us. He desires to dwell in my heart – and in your heart – and to empower us to live a life changed by Christ. One that is purposeful, fully submitted to Him, loving, truly caring, and obedient.
Oh how quickly I forget how much God wants to dwell within me and build a real, living relationship. I realize that in my short life so far, I’ve barely begun to scratch the surface of who God really is. Every new inch of Him I experience makes my heart come alive and overflow with joy and adoration for who he is.
Why do I forget time and time again that He wants to show me true life, and the smaller pleasures that fit into it. Not a life full of pleasures that tries to fit God in.
How often I have it backwards. How badly I desire for Him to be my center.
He is teaching me what it means to be grounded – and founded – in Him. I must know that I can boast in nothing but the Lord. I must know that I am nothing without Him.
My life should never be about Heather; my sights should not be focused on the self. Living a life that seeks to find inner happiness only for myself, would be a life wasted. We are called to more, friends.
The Lord is bringing to the surface all the “me’s” in my life. It is a slow, steady process of change, but I know he will not give up on me. Because he wants to dwell in me. And when moves in, there’s no longer room for all my “me’s”.
(Not my image. Just an insightful picture I liked from google.)

Have a sunny weekend, friends. I’ll catch ya soon!