Realistic Food Tips for Real Life


Many of us are busy people; living largely “on the go” either during the week or over the weekends. Or both! We’re also real people with real appetites, and that means that even for those who stay very disciplined with healthy eating habits, we all get hankerings for tasty and easy food and snacks. Here are a few suggestions of healthier options to choose when you are out and about, grabbing food on the go, or picking out a special treat at the grocery store. There are many ways to still live a little and enjoy delicious foods without going overboard and making a decision you’ll later regret. And these happen to be a few of my favorites:


This drink is light and bubbly and filled with natural juices and sugars. It still fulfills your craving for the fizzy carbonation from soda, but is much healthier for you. I’ve seen these at the local grocery store and at Target. A good friend of mine recently introduced me to this drink, and now I am hooked! I recommend Sparking Pomegranate.

2. CHICK-FIL-A signature sandwich…without the fries and soda.

Try ordering just the sandwich or just the chicken tenders with an unsweetened iced tea on the side. You get to enjoy the yummy, juicy, signature breaded chicken while staying within the suggested calorie limits for one meal. And it is just filling enough!


Dove promises are the perfect treat to pop in your mouth when the hankering for chocolate hits. Dark chocolate is healthier and better for your heart and satisfies you more than milk chocolate does due to the slight bitterness. Limit yourself to 1 or 2 and you’ll find that after a few minutes, your seemingly uncontrollable craving for chocolate has subsided.


Can I get a “WOOP WOOP” for Chipotle? I looove me some cilantro lime rice and fresh Mexican ingredients. Thank the good Lord, we finally got a Chipotle in our area…I was dying without one. Next time you stop by this popular chain (or any of the other similar Mexican restaurants), try ordering the Burrito Bowl. You save the extra calories that are found in the tortilla, and can still enjoy the tastiness of your favorite toppings. Order the burrito bowl to go, and eat only half, taking the rest to go. It is plenty filling (if you eat slowly…unlike me) and will be around 300-400 calories depending on your toppings. Perfect for one meal!

5. Quaker Rice Snacks

These are a great snack to have on hand if you love salty, crunchy chips and just neeeed the addition to your lunch. They come in many different flavors, both salty and sweet. My favorite is the cheddar cheese because it tastes like healthier cheetos :). They are light, lower in calories than most chips, and much healthier.

These are just a few quick suggestions to help you lead a healthy lifestyle without depriving yourself of some of your favorite types of snacks and meals on the go. Sometimes when we try to eliminate all beverages other than water, all foods with sugar, and all “fast food” resturants from our diet, it can back fire and cause us to go over board when we get an opportunity to have some. So I say, enjoy some of your favorite foods in moderation, control your portions, and look for the healthiest option!