Shots of Spring

I hope you’ve been enjoying the sunny days of spring so far, even if there’s just been a few. We sure have! I feel like I’m now loving playing outside even more than I did as a kid. Well, maybe not more…it’s hard to beat playing “chalk city” and Power Rangers with my sister and neighbors. For some reason, my new neighbors don’t seem interested in running around pretending to have special powers. I couldn’t tell ya why.
Anyway, the past two weekends I got to enjoy time with wonderful friends and family in both the sun and rain (Shelley, Rob, and Sarah – sorry about getting soaked in the city!). Here are some pictures from the past few weeks:

Shelley and Rob came to visit! It was so much fun seeing them and hanging out for the first time as married couples.

We went to a park to play so we could soak up the sun, after a very rainy day.
I love love love my college roommate and best friend. She is simply stunning inside and out .

The Men 🙂 Two big goof balls.
It’s hard to see here, but their car still says “Just Married” on the back…It’s been six months. Haha!
This one’s for you mom 🙂

On our way “home” for Easter. We have fun during our car rides. And sometimes we watch the road too.
(These pics are all taken with our new camera by the way! We’re just learning how to use it and how to take a good picture. Clearly we’re still in the experimenting stage 🙂
We often take this road to work. This probably doesn’t do it justice, but it’s beautiful.
Coloring Easter eggs with some of the sibs :). Traditions must live on!
My bro. He’s the best.
Saturday night cookout with the fam…and sunny!

Cupcakes for the best mom’s birthday.
Yay! I got my Cadbury eggs! Thanks Mom…err..Easter bunny!
My mom and her beautiful table arrangement. She’s a wonderful hostess. Thanks for providing another great Easter celebration!
My sweet baby sister
The happy family of three 🙂
Who looks older? Wait, don’t answer that. I guess it’s no longer gratifying to look older…that game only works when you’re little.
I hope you get a nice, sunny day soon, wherever you are!