Have you heard it said that when you are seeking an answer to a dilemma you are in, you should ask yourself what advice you would give to a friend if it were them struggling with your problem? They say that it’s often easy to hear a simple solution in the problems of others and to spot the real issue at the root of their heart or mentality. If it can be so easy for us to fix other people, why is it sometimes so hard to make decisions for ourselves? Maybe because we’re too invested in all the details of our lives to see clearly. Maybe because we think too much and give ourselves way too much credit.

It’s Monday and these are the questions strolling through my mind and the thoughts that linger until I ponder them.

How do you know if you are unintentionally holding yourself back in an effort to be open-minded, practical, and realistic? When do you reach the point when you say “Alright then, I am going to choose option A because I feel no stronger guidance towards B than I do A.” Does it sometimes come down to a matter of our discernment and preference when we are unsure which option God prefers for us? Do we sometimes need to just step out in faith or do we wait to move until we hear clear direction? What do you think? Thoughts?

Are you tired of my questions yet? If so, that makes two of us 🙂

For all that God has made clear to me, there is so much that seems unclear. Maybe that is how life will always be; teaching us to focus on the journey and not just the destination. Teaching us to make decisions that are directed by God. Teaching us to truly face ourself; to address the heart issue at the root of our emotions and to question the very filter through which we’ve always viewed life; to see our sin in its vastness.

These lessons are hard to learn and I am seeing how I prefer to run from them. Avoiding is easy. Living in our set ways is much more comfortable and nonintrusive. But my God is a God who intrudes because He loves me and cares enough to not just leave me as I am. God is not about comfort; just look at the way His Son lived on this earth. God is about our transformation into Christ-like, holy people so that His name may be glorified. God is not about my comfort. He’s about my heart. He will often ask me to be uncomfortable, in fact. I think I’ve learned that, and then I see how much I haven’t grasped it.

There is so much to learn. So, so much to learn