The Naughty Fish


Last night I tried a new healthy and tasty recipe of baked tipalia. Matt agreed that it tasted just as good as it looked when we pulled it out of the oven and served it with wild rice and brocili. Unfortunately, the joy I felt at finding a new meal to cook that is high in protein didn’t last very long…let’s just say it reacted poorly with ole’ Matthew. Now that he is fine, I thought I’d sing to you about it:

Allergies, allergies, are no fun
they make it difficult to breathe for everyone.
Coughing, and sneezing, and tightening of chest,
it’s no fun to live with these obnoxious pests.

There are too many foods joining the list
That my husband can’t eat, even as a last wish
Cashews and pecans, to just name a few
Leave the boy wishing he instead had the flu.

Good-bye tasty salmon, he shall eat you no more
And your friend the tilapia can stay off of the shore.
You do too much damage to the love of my life,
and if I fed him your poison, I’d be a bad wife.

So out I shall go to indulge in the tastes,
of seafood and walnuts that won’t hurt my waist.
Until then I’ll work to make chicken taste yummy
To fill up his spirits, his mouth, and his tummy!

Better luck to you, friends!