Just call me Aunt Heather


I am going to be an Auntie! My sister Megan and her husband Michael just shared the news with family and friends that they will be bringing a precious baby into the world this September. We couldn’t be any happier for them! As Michael said, labor day may actually be labor day for them, as their due date is September 5th. Sounds like a great birthday to me! I cannot wait to meet this precious child and hold them in my arms. I also cannot wait to shop for him or her and spoil them with love and material items ;). Hopefully my parents won’t expend all their spoiling energy on this baby; I fully expect my future children to receive just as much! Let me emphasize future children once more: future. I know I gave some of you a startle with my post a a few weeks ago titled 7 Months. Hehe, you thought I was prego. I’m not, but my sister is! And here is a picture of her precious, growing babe:

Incredible, isn’t it? A design this complex could only be created by God. Its just marvelous. Well friends, we now know of at least one amazing change happening (Lord willing) in our lives in 2011: the Worthley/Daubert family grows!

PS – In a little while I will share what my bet is regarding the gender. I’m going to try to get Matt and my brother to make a bet with me. Hey, this is a perfectly good opportunity to win some cash 😉 Don’t tell Megan.