You & I


Happy 2011!

It’s hard to believe a new decade has begun, isn’t it? It makes me feel old…especially when I think how this is the 4th decade I’ve lived in! Craziness. But exciting at the same time. Whether you celebrated the New Year in, or just watched the ball drop from your couch all curled up, I hope you had a wonderful holiday! Matt and I joined up with some friends in DC for “Big Night DC” at the Gaylord Hotel. It was a formal event that included DJs, live bands, all inclusive food and beverages, and lots and lots of people. Probably too many people if you ask me, but it was fun nonetheless! If you’re looking for something lively and different to do next year, I’d definitely suggest checking it out online.

Today Matt and I were off from work thanks to the holiday break our company had. We slept till 11, packed lunches after breakfast, and headed out for a day of exploring the area north of us. We checked out new housing developments in PA, found a nice shopping strip we didn’t know existed, and walked through Fresh Market which I loved! It had a beautiful selection of fresh meat, produce, bread, flowers, coffee beans, jelly beans, and everything inbetween. Just seeing and smelling all the green and colorful fresh ingredients filled me with joy and made me want to become a chef! If only there were enough time to pursue 3 or 4 careers at once, I would definitely throw on my apron and attempt to become the next Julia Childs!

I continually find that it is the simple things in life that often bring me the most joy. Fresh markets. Good books. Rhythm. Writing. Hosting a party. Housekeeping. Wearing a dress. Cooking. When I experience these things, I love them and am reminded that they contribute to who I am; they define my interests, my hobbies, my passions. They speak of who God made me to be and the way He knit me together for His purposes. But I forget that fact a lot.

Do you ever feel like you’ve forgotten who you are? Not necessarily the “what the heck is my identity!?” kind of way, but in the way that you realize you see, hear, and read about other peoples’ lives so much that you start to wonder if you’re just trying to copy or imitate or morph yourself into what someone or everyone else is? Maybe you never feel that way. But I do sometimes. I have lately, for whatever reason. Maybe too much facebook. Maybe too much comparing. Maybe too much focus on this world, and not enough on Jesus. I think it can be easy to lose ourselves to how we want to appear to other people, if appearances are all we think about. I can fall prey to this at times, and then become stuck there by my pride that blinds me. So when I realize this, I must ask myself, “Who are you trying to please? Whose approval will make you feel good? What are you defining as worthy? Who are you trying to be, and why do you think what you are is not good enough?” And then I’m reminded that I am who God has made me. I am Heather. I love a day spent tending to my home. I love chocolate. My handwriting is horrid, and I can not draw or cut a straight line to save my life. I love to speak, write, teach others about Christ, and be a wife. I want to be a mother some day. There is great purpose in who God has made me. Longing to be someone I’m not is an insult to my creator. I have been learning this again. And I am content.

You are you. Take joy in that 🙂