No Days for Snow Days

Today is one of those days where I wish I was 8 years old again, being taken care of by my mom and getting as much sleep and play time as I need. I was home schooled until 4th grade and had the luxury of getting a snow day whether or not the school systems judged the roads safe enough to drive on. When it snowed, I got to bundle up with my siblings and run outside, racing to the swing set to see who could reach the slide first. The winner got to slide down on top of all the fresh snow, marveling in their victory while the others whined that it wasn’t fair. We would make snow angels, wrestle, attempt to make a snowman, and smack each other in the back of the head with snowballs until we decided that breaking for a hot cup of coco with marshmallows on top sounded inviting. My mom would strip the wet coats, gloves, hats, and scarves off of us and throw them in the dryer…just to have us repeat the cycle an hour later. What a sweet life it was ; what a great mom we had and have :).
Life is still sweet, just not so accommodating. Somewhere along the way, it was decided that grown-ups don’t get snow days. I guess it makes sense… someone has to plow the streets, open the grocery stores and gas stations, and keep factories running. Someone has to treat sick patients, cook and serve customers’ meals, and make important business decisions. For whatever reason, that never really crossed my mind when I was younger. In fact, it didn’t really cross my mind until I graduated from college and realized crap, I fall in that category now! I can no longer use the white, slippery streets and sidewalks as an excuse to not leave my house, and suffer no consequence. I certainly do not agree with the theory of evolution, especially when someone is telling me I came from a monkey, BUT I must admit that we as humans have a strong inclination towards hibernation on days when it is gray, cold, rainy, and/or snowy. Like today. Our bodies, in their better judgement, say “Don’t get up. Stay here in this soft, warm bed and sleep as many hours as you need to.” Why don’t we listen to them? Why isn’t that a good enough excuse to tell our boss? We’re only trying to be healthy and in a way, support the environment by letting it do its thing. We’re boycotting the white and waiting for the green…essentially we’re saying, “Go Green!” That’s in right now, surely every corporation will accept that excuse!
But alas, there is no snow day for us today. We are grown-ups now. On a day like today, I call or text my mom to hear about her day with my little sister who is now 8. I live through her stories of play dates, sleeping in, no commitments, and a lunch of Kraft Macaroni n’ Cheese with a side of hot coco. Where has the time gone? I look forward to the day when I can be as great of a mommy as my mom was, and watch my little kids play outside in the snow…while daddy works :).

My siblings and me – Snow storm Dec 2009