It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Hi friends!
I hope you’re having a wonderful Thursday so far! If you got snow today, I hope you weren’t in one of those cars stuck on the road this morning. And if you’re living where it is sunny, warm, and dry, well then…lucky you. Live it up for the rest of us!
Remember last Tuesday when I shared about my longing to have a snow day and reminisced on the old glory days? Well heaven must have heard me because today is a snow day!
Yesterday we woke up to a winter wonderland and headed to work as large snowflakes continued to accumulate to about 4 inches. After an afternoon break, the snow began to fall again around 5pm and continued into the early morning. When we woke up today, we had about 10-12 inches and for some silly stupid reason, we attempted to go to work. Okay, I’ll cut us a little slack…we were trying to be responsible and hardworking. Then we realized responsible was staying safe and alive. Here’s what trying to get to work looked like:

View from the passenger’s seat of my car after we tried to back it out of the driveway without shoveling. We got stuck.

Matt shoveling around our car, pausing for me to poke my body out of the car while standing on it, to capture the moment.
This is not the best angle or shot since I took this with my phone while standing on the side of the car, but this is showing that the snow was up to the edge of the car door. When I opened it, it grazed the top of the snow.
Aaand this is us stuck on a hill thanks to the car in front of us who got stuck, causing us to lose momentum. (I’m taking this from inside the car while Matt helps the guy push his car up to level ground). But in the process, we learned that the driver and his wife live a few houses down from us and are close to our age! Yay for our first neighborhood friends!
After seeing that driving our sedan on those roads just wasn’t going to work, we turned around. While shoveling our driveway, we then met another guy from a few houses down who offered to help us shovel. He is the same age as us and was super friendly. After some hard work and chat time, we now have 3 neighborhood friends! Hooray for the snow day!
Last weekend we tried out a community group from our church here, and met some really awesome people. It is encouraging to feel like we are slowly but surely starting to get connected here. God is good, is He not? We’ve asked, and He’s answering. I think i’ll start planning a summer block party now… 😉

Happy early weekend!