Sweet Blessings


It’s a funny thing how we often don’t realize how much we have been blessed with and how much we have to be incredibly thankful for, until we are encountering low points in life. Whenever I’m at this spot in my own life, it becomes a prayer of my heart that I would always keep an attitude of gratitude and appreciation, even in the harvest. I have seen growth and improvement in this department, but like all of us, I fail at this so many times. In this current season in our lives, I am reminded of the many blessings that I am thankful for and the unchanging truths of who God is.

– I am thankful for an answer to the prayer and request of my heart that I’ve brought before God since I was a little girl: I have been given an incredible husband who loves God with all his heart, and who loves me more than I could have ever asked for. Just for who I am. He delights in me, and models the delight Christ has for us.

– I am thankful for Matt’s job that has no doubt been given from the Lord as part of His plan for our lives at this point and time.

– I am thankful for the job God has given me… no matter how long it lasts, no matter how minuscule the tasks. I am trusting there are lessons to learn, and I am determined to learn them.

– I am thankful for my family; they are one of the greatest blessings I will ever know here on earth. They are irreplaceable; wherever they are is where home, acceptance, and support will always be.

– I am thankful that when we face disappointment, betrayal, and darkness, there is hope, faithfulness, and light found in Jesus Christ.

– I am thankful that when I am lost in this world, I am always found in Christ. When I see no direction here on earth, I know I have a pre-determined future, willed perfectly by Jesus Christ.. I just have to keep walking forward in faith.

– I am thankful for great friends, who lift my heart and bring joy to my life just by being them.

-I am thankful for my identity and confidence found in Christ. This can never be taken from me.

– I am thankful for our home; for the heat, the shelter, and the soft bed 🙂

– I am thankful that I do not have to count on myself for hope, for success, for a future.

– I am thankful that this world is not all there is; that we are made for more; that those who know God have a promise of eternal bliss with our Creator, no longer knowing pain, loss, suffering.

– I am thankful that I will see my Grandma Betty and my best friend again one day…that our earthly separation is temporary; that for those in Christ, no “good-bye” is forever.

– I am thankful for the times I struggle…because I know God uses this to make me stronger, wiser, ready for what is next.

– I am thankful for each new day… a chance to enjoy what God has given us, a chance to love others, a chance live a life changed by Christ…and a chance to share that with others.

Whether we are hurting or soaring, struggling or succeeding, we all have been given many blessings in life. I encourage you to think on yours today, and be thankful.