P.ink P.oodle P.illow P.et = P.erpetually P.ending P.esky P.resent


Hello! Its been way too long. Way too long for me at least! I had high hopes of blogging over Christmas break, thinking “I’ll get plenty of time to blog while I’m back in VA for Christmas!” Wrong. Apparently I underestimated how much time is taken up with two families to spend time with, and precious friends to catch up with. Ohh the new things I am learning as a married woman! But even though I didn’t have the down time I hoped for, my Christmas break was wonderful :). How was yours?

I’ve always thought that Christmas morning is most fun when children are involved. There’s nothing like watching a kid unwrap a new toy that they’ve wanted, or never knew existed. Their expressions are just so honest and uninhibited. For example, check out this cute [terribly spoiled] little boy on Christmas morning.


Let’s face it; we all felt like that as children when we received books for Christmas. Hilarious. Luckily for me and my family, my baby sister Brianna was born when I was 14, Megan was 16, and Preston was 8. So we haven’t really had any Christmases yet with no children apart of it. As Preston was slowly leaving the age where toys flooded his Christmas list, our delightful Bri baby was born (which is a whole other wonderful story itself. I will probably tell this later on). Now Brianna is 8, and although she is largely a diva going on 16, she is still very much a kid. She’s into Barbies, accessories from Justice, American Girl dolls, music, stuffed animals, crafts, dancing, and zuzu pets. She is ALL girl and I LOVE it! I always wanted a baby sister, and wished so badly that she would be into the color pink and all things princess. DING! My wish came true :).

Needless to say, its been so fun buying her gifts over the years and treasuring [spoiling?] her as the baby. I can say, however, that she does NOT react like that little boy in the video, even when she doesn’t like something. She has better manners than that. This year for Christmas I asked her early on what she had on her list. One of the first things she said was “A Pillow Pet!”. She had seen these Pillow Pets at one of the malls here in DE back in the fall when she and my mom came up to visit. She wanted one then, but we told her no, Christmas is coming. You must be patient! I thought for sure it would be one of those things that kids see and want, but then forget about as soon as they spot Auntie Anne’s Pretzels. But apparently, these soft pillow creatures left a lasting impression. So when she told me she wanted a PP, I said “ok…which one?” To which she replied, “The pink poodle or the blue bunny!” …wow very specific. I personally felt these were very boring options considering there were reindeer, tigers, turtles, dolphins, zebras, and many more. But no. She wanted either the pink poodle or the blue bunny. So I set out to find one of these PPs, and quickly learned that there were no pink poodles to be found anywhere. ANYWHERE. (I ruled the blue bunny out. Far too ugly). Do yall remember Ty beanie babies? Of course you do. Well remember how it didn’t take long before off-brands where created? Just like beanie babies, there is a specific “Pillow Pet” brand, and all others are off-brands. I tried to explain this to Bri and told her how there were no actual pink poodle Pillow Pets. However, she insisted there was…she had seen it she claimed. Yet there were no pink poodles to be found in all of Google’s sites, nor in any malls of DE. The only other cute animals that Bri showed interestd in were selling on Amazon for $50 -$200. Ridiculous and not in this newlywed’s budget! Way too much of my time was spent looking for this pink poodle. But she was my baby sister, and I desperately wanted her joyous on Christmas morning. Every time I talked to her, all she brought up was pillow pets, pillow pets, pillow pets.

A week before Christmas I was shopping with my wonderful mommy at Tysons mall. We ventured into Hallmark, and I decided that the cute panda PP would have to work for Brianna. Better some type of PP then none at all. I still felt bad inside, knowing that she’d try and hide her disappointment on Christmas morning when she opened it. And I hate not feeling confident about the gifts I choose for people. “Ohhh well” I told myself. Maybe I’d find it for her birthday.

Hours later, my mom spotted an (off-brand) stand of pillow pets and there stacked on the corner, was the infamous pink poodle! I ran towards it, grabbed it, and would not let this stuffed animal smuggled from China go until I was the rightful owner. No way was I gonna let this opportunity to be the Christmas hero pass by! (Of course my mom was the real hero here…what’s new though?). Over joyed and feeling extremely accomplished, I went home and wrapped it up in pink accented paper and excitedly awaited it’s opening. Sure enough on Christmas morning, Brianna was ecstatic to open my gift! I had convinced her that there were no pink poodles to be found, so she was expecting some other creature.

There are a handful of things in life that make your heart swell up with warmth and happiness, and one of those is the joy of giving someone a gift….especially when they are a cute little kid, happy beyond belief on Christmas morning.

What was your P.P.P.P. this year?

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