New Year Resolutions


Hello again bloggers! (and blog readers)

I am double blogging today because I know I won’t have the chance to over the next few days due to holiday festivities. PAR-TAY! As much as I miss the summer sun, I love this time of year because Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years all seem to get people reflecting over their lives and rethinking what has been important to them, and what should be in the future. Its probably the one time that we as a collective group get closest to getting our priorities some-what straight. And most of us enter into the new year with new goals, higher standards for ourselves, and lots of optimism! Can you feel the cheerfulness in the air? I sure can!

This is Matt’s and my first time welcoming in the new year as husband and wife, and it has been nothing sort of hilarious to see how my husband has geared up for 2011. For those of you who don’t know Matt well, he is a list-maker, goal setter, Excel spreadsheet lover, super-high achiever, and motivated individual. He’s made an Excel spreadsheet for just about everything in his life. He even made one when he planned out his proposal to me. I love him :-). Several days ago we were relaxing around the house when he said, “hey, let’s make a list of our new year resolutions!”. I thought it sounded fun enough, even though I am more apprehensive to put numbers and/or deadlines on resolutions because I don’t ever like to make myself feel like an underachiever. Can you tell I’m more of a “type B” personality?

I joined him on the couch, and of course the template on Excel was already set-up and ready to go. Sheet 1 was “Matt’s 2011 goals” and Sheet 2 was “Heather’s 2011 goals”. Needless to say, the ratio of goals was about 5 of Matt’s to every 1 of Heather’s. That’s not to say I’m not goal-oriented or motivated! I am definitely both. But as I mentioned before, I approach it differently… I like my goals to be more general; more do-able. I will spare you all the details of all of our combined goals, but here’s a few that made the list:

– Read 12 books. 6 Theological, 6 Fictional
– Weigh exactly (xxx) by May with X% body fat (x = protection of his personal details 😉
– Save $xxx a month
– Go indoor rock climbing 4 times
– Take at least 2 vacations: 1 instate, 1 overseas

– Look good by May, for potential vaca
– Take a hip-hop class…sometime soon
– Read lots of books
– Stay in budget, save as much as possible
– Increase cardio condition for springtime hiking, biking, and other activities husband takes me to

We work well together, don’t ya think? Do you make new year resolutions? If so, which ones are you setting for 2011?