Despite my attempts to plan and schedule, I’m always running short on time to write, I tell myself.

Now I sit in the midst of insane turbulence, four more hours to go, and desperately seeking a distraction to the bumpiness engulfing me.

What excuse do I have now? Most of the people around me seem convinced we’re all going to die, and I’ve already tried bartering for my life with the Lord several times over.

With this plane literally bouncing its way home, I’m searching deep within me for that thing called strength. I was hoping to find it in a whiskey ginger, but it’s been too rough for even the attendants to stand.

Perhaps I’ll find it in words.

Yesterday, I sat in a conference room across the country, surrounded by 18 incredible women. Smart. Passionate. Inspiring, to say the least. All of them gathered in one place for the very purpose of harnessing their potential.

It was 65 degrees outside and to my left, sun spilled in through the wall of windows showing off the Arizona mountains in the distance, covered with cactus, red stones, and shrubs. It was breathtaking and left me questioning (again) why I live in the northeast.…

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