Life plan? Ppft what’s that?

On a recent trip, I was making my way through usual travel routines as I headed back home; leave for airport with plenty of time, drop off rental car, get through security lines, promptly board plane.

It’s no secret that I do not enjoy flying, but on this particular day I felt a great amount of angst as I made my way through the airport. It was the “I can feel it in my gut” type of angst, that I just couldn’t shake. Big Fisch (knowing all too well how to read me) would glance over at me and ask if everything was all right.

I’d nod my head thinking yes and no. Yes, nothing logical was wrong. But no, something did not feel right.

An hour later the entire airport was on lock down for a code red alert. Horrific weather ripped through the area as we were boarding the plane, causing everyone to take shelter from a storm that could have been very detrimental.

(I’ve requested that God stop putting me in Twister type scenarios but I don’t think He’s heard me yet.)

We all lived, thankfully and obviously, but the encounter was not fun and that nagging angst in my gut made a lot more sense afterwards.…

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