The Project Not Even a Mother Could Love

In 5th grade, we had to practice our public speaking skills by bringing in a craft we made and presenting it to the class.

The moment the assignment was given, I panicked.  This was my worst nightmare.

What could I make that was creative and impressive? I was so not a crafty kid.

I agonized over the project and the night before it was due, I pulled out our container of supplies and prayed an idea would jump out at me.

We had some wax sticks, glue, pom-pom puffs, glitter, stickers, beads, and stick-on wiggly eyes.

Okay…I just need to make something out of these objects. Pretend I’m Barney.

Somehow I concluded, ” Heck, I’ll make a caterpillar out of wax sticks and cheerios!”

I must have gotten hungry, fetched a box of cheerios, and became inspired as I chomped on my snack.


My end result was a pink wax stick strung with cheerios for the body, connected with more cheerios for the head, on which I glued two wiggly eyes. And I called it a caterpillar.

It was about as long as my index finger and couldn’t stand up on it’s own because of course the legs were unequal.…

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